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NRHA Million Dollar Rider

Welcome to Cody Sapergia Reining Horses.  Cody currently resides at La Rizzi Ranch in Gainesville Texas. The ranch is conveniently located off Highway 82 which is close proximity to all major events.  Cody has a hands on approach in understanding each horses individual needs in order to obtain the best possible results.  No two horses are alike and every horses mind determines how to train it the best way. Knowing the horse you are on is very important.  Cody's program encompasses the following tactics:

1. Solid ground work is the base for a great reining horse.

2. The training program is black and white and repetitive. From handling, to training through feeding.

3. Cody trains based on motivation of the horse that it will perform the maneuvers on its own. 

4. Trust and respect is a primary factor. Always make sure the horse has enough stamina.

5. Consistent training  and a long term program create a long lasting show horse. 

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Cody's program is designed  to bring out the best in your horse. His hands on approach in understanding the specific needs of each horse is what makes him a Million Dollar Trainer. Talk to Cody today about how he can support your goals and put you on a solid track to success.

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